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Welcome to jpopaddme!

This community was made especially for the jpop/jrock loving individual who wants to make more lj friends. You don't have to especially like this kind of music, everything related to jmusic is welcome here!
If you're looking for a forum, you can always join

Post an introduction and list all the jpop/jrock/jmusic band or artist you like and if you find it relevant, other stuff about you. Please put in your post 5 top artists and why you choose him/her/them etc... Add your user name too in the subject of the entries. This is to put your entries in the memories section (Like, I'll list each member with the artists they choosed). If you don't I just will list the 5 artists you put first.

1. Please keep your post j-related. Nothing about how your boyfriend left you.
2. Please post an intro only once in a month.
3. You can write about new bands or somewhat indies band you found and introduce us to them.
4. Asian-music-rotation-Lj, and actually anything asian-related communities and LJ are allowed to post an introduction about themselves. When you talk about your community, please post all your introduction under a lj-cut, and I mean all of it and write the name of your community as a subject. Introductions are allowed only once every semester.

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